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Can You Mix Cat Antibiotics With Food

If your veterinarian gives the okay, consider mixing your cat's medicine with wet food. 1 Be sure to tell your vet if your cat is on any other medication, including flea and tick shampoo or topical treatment. If you try mixing it with food, make sure you use just a little bit of food mixed with the medicine, so your cat eats all the food and doesn't leave any leftovers. If your antibiotic is in liquid form, mix it in with some of your cats’ wet food. They must get the entirety of their dosage so they will need to eat all their food to ensure they’re getting all the medication they need.

If you live in a multi-pet household, you should separate the sick cat during meal times so you can monitor how much they’re eating and ensure none of the other. DON’T skip doses or fail to use the entire course of antibiotics as prescribed to your cat. Giving an antibiotic willy nilly or stopping short of the whole course can prove far worse than not using antibiotics at all. DON’T start.

Can You Mix Cat Antibiotics With Food - Discount Place

Can You Mix Cat Antibiotics With Food - Discount Place

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